Tired But Making Progress

My translation of Bede’s commentary On the Valiant Woman has been sitting on my computer, mostly done, since last year. So I spent all of the last couple days and a good part of today cleaning it up, finishing searching for Bible citations and references to the Fathers, making footnote links active in both directions for Amazon’s benefit (it’s now a requirement, with tablets having so much easier a time following in-book links) and creating a cover.

I still have to finish cleaning up the material inside the footnotes to be standard and consistent throughout the book, and getting the bibliography done and looking professional. Ugh. I don’t really mind editing, but I hate realizing I’ve inadvertently made myself a mess. My preferred work mode is to have all the format questions decided ahead of time, so that I can just work.

On the bright side, Amazon does let people upload epubs now, and the results end up looking pretty good. So I won’t have to go converting anything.

Also, I took some time to redo my Beatus cover, and it’s looking much more professional.

New Amazon cover Aug 2014

And here’s my proposed Bede cover.


Please tell me what you think!


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