And This Is Why I Don’t Watch the New Doctor Who.

Brickmuppet describes the latest travesty exhibited under the name of a once-good show. It seems that the Doctor now claims to hate all soldiers, refuses to choose them as companions because they are just horrible people, and basically is in favor of leaving people to die. Again.

First off, it’s stupid. The Doctor loves soldiers, sailors, et al, and of course the Brigadier and the UNIT guys were some of his closest human friends. He tangled with their protocols and command priorities, but he never disliked them as people or their profession as a principle. Even in the crappy novels, he had multiple soldiers as Companions, and of course Lt. Harry Sullivan traveled with the Doctor.

Of course, in recent years the Idiots in Charge have done their best to retcon this out of existence: killing most of UNIT, deciding that the UK government had always been running Torchwood to try to kill the Doctor, killing UNIT personnel and replacing them with alien impostors, etc. But it’s still ridiculous. Also treasonous and suicidal, in time of war — and in a time when UK welfare-supported terrorists are slaughtering and raping the innocent, at home and abroad.

I don’t blame the actors. I blame the writers.

Since most of the writers (particularly Paul Cornell) who made the old Doctor Who novel series putrid* also work on the new series, this is not a surprise to anybody. (It also allows you to see the recycling of novel plots in the new series, much of which is also the direct responsibility of Paul Cornell. Of course, when you can persuade Neil Gaiman that it’s a good idea to recycle other people’s old Doctor Who novel plots, and then people give an award to it, I guess you can’t blame it all on Cornell.)

Anyhow, the creepy pogrom-against-the-unworthy thing? It constantly recurs in the new series, but it started very early in the novel series. I can’t remember the exact novel, and apparently it’s not something worthy of being remembered on the fan sites… but there was a pre-9/11 novel where a NY skyscraper was about to be destroyed. The writer opined that the Doctor would not only refuse to rescue a poor immigrant night shift _cleaning woman_ from a NY skyscraper about to be blown up by terrorists – because she hadn’t been proactive enough in fighting corporate crime, that being the natural business of cleaning women who don’t really speak English – but that he would take the time to scold her first, because people need to be scolded as you leave them to die a horrible death.

* Not every novel was putrid and morally offensive, but they usually managed at least 30-50% putrid in any given year. Naturally some of the other novels were stupid or blah, but at least they had good intentions. The remainder would be amazingly good, which would tempt you to go on buying novels even after you learned the score. This was similar to what was going on with Pocket Books Star Trek novels at the time, which went from being about 80% awesome to 10% awesome in the course of a couple years in the 1990’s.



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3 responses to “And This Is Why I Don’t Watch the New Doctor Who.

  1. Ah, you read Brickmuppet too? Yeah, I’m really not feeling the latest Doctor. At least Tennant was fun.

    • Yup, I notice we frequent many of the same blogs. 🙂

      I don’t know whether Capaldi is good or not, because frankly I couldn’t even bother myself to watch the first story of the year. I’m sure he’s a capable actor, and the comparisons with Peter Cushing are amusing (yes, I’ve watched the Dr Who theatrical movies).

      But as long as the writers are the same, and it’s the same “clever” storylines that I thought were lame and annoying when they were free fanfic on the Doctor Who Usenet groups, I don’t see the point. I’ve got plenty of other stuff to watch.

      • Alas, over time my “Branding” has evolved. (if you read that blog too).
        I can see the comparison to Cushing, physically, but Capaldi plays him as a Scotsman, for one thing. But the worst is the second episode, he’s going against the Daleks, and he has little care for the human soldiers helping him do it. He’s more interested in redeeming a Dalek than helping humans, and that’s just not the Doctor.

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