Noah’s Ark in the Caedmon Manuscript

I need this on a T-shirt or something.

Caedmon ms ship.jpg
Caedmon ms ship” by Unknown – Bodleian Library, Oxford MS Junius ii. originally from en:File:Caedmon ms ship.jpg. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

The disturbing bit was that Wikipedia doesn’t recognize this as Noah’s Ark, and that they didn’t bother to look up the relevant passage of Caedmon. So I edited a bit, and boy is that harder than it used to be.

Anyway, it’s an illustration for his Genesis poem, lib. 21, lines 1356-1370:

“And Noah departed, as the Lord commanded,
embarking his household upon the ark,
leading up his sons into the ship,
and their wives with them.
All that Almighty God would have for seed
went in under the roof of the ark
unto their food-giver,
even according as the Mighty Lord of hosts
gave bidding by His word.
And the Warden of that heavenly kingdom,
the God of victories,
locked the door of the ocean-house
behind him with His hands,
and Our Lord blessed all within the ark
with His blessing.”

Caedmon has an interesting take on Genesis. He’s probably one of Eve’s greatest defenders, as he figures that Eve was deceived into thinking God wanted them to eat the fruit, and that Adam was also acting in good faith in listening to Eve. Of course, this is not theologically correct. But the part where Eve initially is given more-than-human powers by Satan which make her see more of the beauty of God’s creation, and thus she is made more eager to get Adam to eat, is a nice touch of horror.


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