Proofing Paper Books Is a Pain

Yup. But I’m almost finished with the paper version of On the Valiant Woman.

I also found a few oopsies in the Kindle version and fixed them. So if you’ve already bought the book there, and you get a note from Amazon saying there’s an updated version, feel free to download the update that fixes them.

This is killing me, because proofreading is something I’m usually good at. Where do all these typos and lacunas come from? It gets to the point that I can’t even feel embarrassed about it, because they seem to be non-obvious, and a lot of it is more about formatting than anything else. But it’s better to have things correct than not.


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One response to “Proofing Paper Books Is a Pain

  1. Just so you know, in my building of AMBER (my private electronic collection of the works of GKC and also of SLJ) I have found that ALL BOOKS have typos, whether published a hundred years ago or just a few…
    YES ALL…Both my copy of the Bible and also my CRC master-reference books also. So just keep going, and know that you WILL miss some. As Chesterton says in Orthodoxy, “I call it what it is: THE FALL.” [CW1:321]

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