In Which the Banshee Appears on a Map

The Cincinnati area Pilgrimage of Faith hikes have allowed Catholics and Boy Scouts to explore the local history of our faith. Now there’s going to be a Dayton Pilgrimage of Faith hike on October 4, and a big long hike out to Maria Stein and God’s Country in December.

(And the maps will remain on the website, so that’s a good resource for homeschoolers, later hikes, etc.)

Here’s the cool bit for me: my old blogpost on Dayton Catholic history is being used as one of the sources for history on the map! Awesome!

It’s primarily for Scouts, but anybody who wants to participate in the pilgrimage is welcome. If the weather turns out decent that weekend, I think I’ll have to shake my pegs and go!



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4 responses to “In Which the Banshee Appears on a Map

  1. Banshee, I had your previous post in mind as I planned the hike. If you don’t mind I would love to use most of it as an introduction to the whole Dayton loop. BTW, if you show, I’ll have a patch for you too! Thanks.

  2. BTW, prior to the hike, we’ll attend Mass at 8:30 at Holy Angels Church (our hiking starting point).

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