St. Arrrrrrrbinus, Patrrrrrron Saint of Pirrrrrates

St. Albinus of Angers, aka St. Aubin, is the medieval patron saint to call on against pirate attacks. He was also famous for healing the blind and paralyzed, raising the dead, bailing out prisoners, and miraculously opening a stone tower to let out prisoners when the local lord wouldn’t let him bail them out. Also, he won an argument with his brother bishops at the Third Council of Orleans by dying right in front of them. And then when the city decided to give him a bigger tomb and the workers were having trouble getting him out, he miraculously opened up the stone wall of his tomb. Don’t mess with him!

Other pirate-related saints include:

St. Vincent de Paul was kidnapped by Muslim Barbary pirates and spent a year in slavery, which was why he was late getting to the seminary from summer break. Made him a serious Catholic instead of a career one. Here’s more info.

Venerable George Gervase, the Pirate Priest. Yeah, that’s an unusual childhood for a martyr. “What I have said, my blood is ready to answer for.” Also Monsignor Cuarteron, reformed pirate turned missionary.


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