What Naruto Means to His Biggest Fans

Naruto is a world with super-weird worldbuilding and one of the oddest premises of any anime. Ninja children being trained for war? A village full of secrets and lies that come back on the kids? And yet it spends a lot of its time as a comedy???

But Naruto is more about sticktoitiveness than even most of the stubborn shonen heroes we tend to like. It has an incredible richness of character and invention that conquers its formulaic shonen roots. It’s overhyped for a reason.

The Naruto manga will be ending soon, and a final movie will finish off the storyline. Here’s a touching thread where fans talk about Naruto and the power of story, and how they learned to overcome depression, loneliness, bullying, and more. We’re going to miss that knucklehead ninja.


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  1. Naruto: More Flashbacks than Timothy Leary. There’s one thing I hate in anime, “Arena Battles” especially when it consists of the characters rules-lawyering at each other about their powers. (That, and unveiling their secret, super-powerful technique that’s never been resisted, but has never apparently been used before….) But the final straw for me was early on, when Naruto had a flashback to a time when Hinata was having a flashback. in the middle of and arena battle. The point of view shifts alone were jarring.

    There was just so much of it it wasn’t worth the investment of time to me. Especially when they started re-running sections of it and *I* started having flashbacks….

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