Philip Johnson: Six Years of “Six Months to Live”

Philip Johnson, the Raleigh seminarian with an inoperable brain tumor, writes an open letter to Brittany Maynard, the newlywed who intends to kill herself before brain cancer can do it.

Philip Johnson thought he only had months to live, but his response was to finally listen to God, and charge after his calling to priesthood. It is now six years later, and he’s still not dead or unable to work. Imagine how much he’d have missed out on, if he’d listened to fear instead of the Lord!

He does have terrible pain. But terrible pain is something he deals with, as many people manage to do. It is difficult, but it is not the end of everything. His life has meant something to many other people, and he has learned to take help from others, too.

He asks her to take courage and love in both hands, and to live.

That is what we all need to do.





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2 responses to “Philip Johnson: Six Years of “Six Months to Live”

  1. A sort-of neighbor when I was just getting into high school was told he had six to twelve months to live.

    His wife left him, she got the kids, the house, everything. Tried to keep the kids away so they wouldn’t be “traumatized.” He let her, because– well, he was going to die horribly, right? I believe he stopped treatment, too, other than dealing with pain.

    Several years after I left high school, he started looking for a job again. He was tired of waiting for the “at most a year” to end….

    I don’t think it was as extreme as the brain tumor, but the insanity that is deciding to kill yourself because someone says you’re going to die?!?! Argh!
    Subject change, you know more history than I do and might be able to write something on this:
    “Latino” women are converting to Islam.

  2. Joy

    I wish she had listened. I hope she is forgiven and comforted now.

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