Egg Curry et al.

Yum. This looks like a great one-pan meal. Two ways to cook Indian egg curry: hardboiled eggs and sauteed eggs.

Curry Cream Sauce on Eggs on Rice. I think this is one of those weird English cooking things, but I’d eat it. Sort of an Egg Rice Loaf instead of a Salmon Rice Loaf.

(Actually, I can’t find the correct salmon rice loaf recipe on the Internet. It’s pretty simple – you have cooked rice and some other stuff, and then you have a mixture of salmon, cream of mushroom soup, and a few other things. You get a loaf pan or ring mold or whatever, and you put in half the rice, then half the salmon mix, then the other half of the rice, then the other half of the salmon mix, and then you put it in the oven at a fairly low temp. The only annoying bit is that you have to do some funky stuff to keep it from burning, like butter the pan, and then line it with paper or parchment that’s buttered. You can also make it as a tuna rice loaf, but the effort makes it kinda frou frou and deserving of salmon. I’ll have to see if I can get our family’s recipe online. Here’s a super-lazy salmon rice casserole.)

There’s also the simplicity of Uova in Brodetto: eggs baked in tomato sauce. With maybe some parmesan cheese on top, and some olive oil, and maybe some garlic bread on the side for extra. Either way, a very cheap meal, the sort of thing Italian-Americans ate during the Depression.

Of course, I will probably never be doing this by making tomato sauce first, because I would rather use up what I’ve got on my shelf. But it does have a nice recipe for making tomato sauce at this link, as well.

Pickled Eggs. This isn’t real pickling, though; it’s a kind of quick pickle that only lasts a couple weeks. You probably don’t even need to sterilize the jar if your fridge is decently cool and you’re going to eat the eggs within a week.



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  1. ….and now I’m hungry.

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