Nenagh’s Many Street Names

Reading Michael Flynn’s excellent second post on his “Flynncestry” pointed me towards Pigot’s and Slater’s commercial directories of Ireland (1824 and 1841) to see if I could find anything useful, and then I went looking through Google Maps to find the places and see what was still the same.

What I found out was that a lot of the street names had changed after Irish independence. (Pretty normal.) So I went looking for help on referencing the original names versus the new ones.

What I found was this blog post by a Nenaghnian. It turns out that “Connolly Street” is still Silver Street in the minds of most of Nenagh. “Pearse Street” is Castle Street, or the Main Street; and “Kenyon Street” is Barrack Street (the old Garda Barracks were there, and before that it was a UK military barracks associated with the local fort). “Mitchell Street” is Queen Street. “Peter Street” is Kickham Street. “Sarsfield Street” is Pound Street. “Fintan-Lawlor Street” is William Street. “James Connolly Park” is Bulfin Crescent. “Limerick Road” is Clare Street. And “Pierce McCann Street” is Summerhill.

Here’s a post about Nenagh’s existing churches.

The same blogger linked to a great counterfactual post on casting a Batman silent movie in 1927. Lupe Velez as the Catwoman!


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