Roasted Turnips and Armored Turnips

Despite extreme opposition from my mom (who says that all turnips are bitter and nasty, and was truly upset to see me subjecting myself to an evil vegetable), I acquired turnips, baked them, and made armored turnips out of them. Since I was just cooking for one, I only got about half a pound’s worth of turnips and made the casserole in a loaf pan. This worked out just fine (especially since I could also bake the turnips in the loaf pan).

The only mishap was that I forgot to put down a layer of butter on one of the layers, and that made the cheese a lot less bubbly and yummy in that layer. But it was still palatable; it was just crusty.

I didn’t actually bother to peel the turnips after I baked them, and it didn’t seem to make the turnips significantly more bitter. The peel seems tasty, in fact. (But tasting bitterness in turnips can vary widely among humans due to tastebud genetics, so it’s probably safer to peel them if you’re making them for somebody you don’t know. I could just do a taste test for myself.)

I used shredded white cheese, because that’s what I had. You can use pretty much any kind of cheese for this, orange or white, sharp or bland, hard or soft. (Well, don’t use anything super-hard, because you want it to melt.)

You want your turnips cooked before you do this dish, because the dish only stays in the oven until the cheese has melted. Apparently the done thing with boiling turnips is to change the water halfway through, or to boil a potato in there to chemically counteract the bitter tasting stuff that goes into the water. (And then you eat the potato.) But I was heating up the oven anyway, so I baked the turnips. I guess if you were already boiling turnips to make mashed turnips, you’d use the boiled turnips instead.


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