Anime I’m Liking Right Now

PuPiPo. 15 eps, 4 minutes each. Yet the story is deep and charming. Many thanks to Don for the recommendation!

Log Horizon/Log Horizon 2. The perfect Saturday morning cartoon for grownups who are gamers. Although it’s very weird to be watching Christmas episodes in October and November! Gamers get sucked into a fantasy world and can’t help acting like engineers.

Yowamushi Pedal. Anime fan joins bike racing club, and finds out there’s one sport he’s good at. Interestingly (and in a manly way!), he gets to take the “inspiring ray of sunshine” part that is most often handed to female or physically attractive characters. He just managed to convince a really creepy villain to Do Better (somewhat), which was made believable by a well-chosen backstory and clues hidden in plain sight.

Yuushi Yuna Wants to Be a Hero: Magical girls work together to battle evil forces. It’s an interesting show, because it’s an alternate world, one hero is disabled (very seldom seen in anime), and goodheartedness is dealt with unironically.

Case Closed simulcast (now on Crunchyroll): Of course I’m watching it. It’s Detective Conan!

Barakamon: I liked it enough to fight with Hulu’s crazy ad scheme. (Basically, one-quarter of the time the ads refuse to run, so free Hulu refuses to run. Or you get sound only, or video only. You end up trying a lot of reloading that doesn’t work, and then all of a sudden a few days later, it’s working again. Hulu is a pain.)

Toriko: It’s Hunter vs Hunter with magical food. No, really. Total parody of every other shonen quest show, but it’s also pretty addictive.

Gekkan Shojo Nozeki-kun: Okay, it’s a show about shojo manga, a high school mangaka working under a pseudonym, and the girl classmate who loves him. But it’s hilarious, and the cast of characters just gets funnier!

I’m trying to follow Ronia and Magic Kaitou, but it’s annoying to have no easy source. I need to catch up.


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