Tetanus Vaccine Used for UN Mass Sterilization of African Women?

Here’s a scary story.

Apparently, the UN’s WHO/UNICEF organization decided that, while they were vaccinating Africans for tetanus, they should go ahead and include a contraceptive “vaccine” (Beta-HCG hormone) that causes miscarriages. (It doesn’t take effect right away, but after several doses, the body begins producing antibodies that destroy your own body’s HCG hormone;  and you need that to stay pregnant.) This came out in several countries, and now has been discovered in Kenya as well. Interestingly, the “vaccine” program is only being given to women of the ages 15-49, in a five dose program carried out over two years. Tetanus shots are usually given the same way we get them in the US.

So the Catholic bishops of Kenya sent out samples of the “vaccine” to get lab tests, and found this contraceptive shot had been included. So they have had to announce to their people that they shouldn’t use these “free” tetanus shots.

More information here.

A similar program run in the Philippines in the 1990’s.

India is running a voluntary sterilization program designed to attract poor and desperate women, but it has some obvious problems. (Besides being sick and wrong.)


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2 responses to “Tetanus Vaccine Used for UN Mass Sterilization of African Women?

  1. What is it with this decade and them taking B movie plots as great program ideas?!?!

    Seriously, like Africa needs more reasons to be suspicious of medical care?

  2. Seriously upsetting, but not terribly surprising. I cringe whenever they talk about the birthrate here (in Liberia) and how women need access to “reproductive health information,” since I know it’s not going to be impartial, unbiased and actually empowering.

    Good for the bishops who did the footwork, got the information, and presented it to their flock.

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