Apparently They Haven’t Turned Up the Heat at Santa Marta Yet

Seriously, these kids look cold. The only kids who aren’t wearing jackets and hoodies are the kids in back who were smart enough to wear sweaters over their dress-up clothes.

I also feel sorry for the kids about the pop quiz. This is something all bishops and pastors pretty much are supposed to do, because it’s one way to find out quickly whether the kids are learning anything catechetical. It’s even present in a lot of liturgies in ritualized fashion (like Baptism). But there’s nothing more likely to terrify most kids than being put on the spot for an unannounced pop quiz by a priest during the homily. If you know that it can happen on certain big occasions, at least you don’t get that deer in the headlights feeling.

Mind  you, I’m not saying that priests and bishops and popes should stop doing this. I’m saying that teachers should give kids a heads-up. Just casually, at some point during the week before, so that kids won’t tie themselves up in knots of worry. But it should be mentioned that this is a thing.

More scenes of terror.


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