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If you have trouble commenting when signed into WordPress, you may need to log out, get off the page onto another page, and then come back to the page where you wanted to comment. Apparently WordPress is giving us one comment per login, at the moment.

One of my Bede translation’s readers here in town has informed me that On the Valiant Woman is emotionally cold. Or something like that. Personally, I think Bede is pretty chatty for the Bible commentary genre, but… maybe this is why there’s not that many people reading medieval Bible commentary. Anyway, the customer is always right.

In related news, I recently got my first return of the Kindle edition of On the Valiant Woman. So indeed, we can’t please everyone.

I still don’t have any reviews for my translations of Beatus or Bede, so feel free to review if you read them.

Cooking a turkey neck and giblets in red beans and rice, in the crockpot for six hours, gives pretty darned good results. (Wash the gizzard in case there are gizzard stones in there, just for paranoia’s sake. Break up the turkey neck after the first hour or so, so the meat has a chance to get off the bone.)

Also, I later found out that the approved flavorful method is to saute all the giblets first, and then cut up the turkey liver into small pieces that can dissolve into the broth, unless you want to eat a big ol’ piece of liver. I didn’t know that dissolved liver was an option, alas. But most of the nasty taste was gone after six hours; I actually ate turkey liver without making too many faces, and the heart and gizzard were excellent. The broth did seem to be better for having a little liver exterior dissolved into it.


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