Watch Five Free Eps of Star Wars: Rebels

The premiere “movie” (46 min ep) and four episodes of the animated series Star Wars: Rebels are currently available on for your totally free viewing pleasure. They will only be up through December 7, so watch ’em while you can if you don’t have Disney X D. (The X and the D should be next to each other with no spaces, but that makes the blogging software create an emoticon.)

It’s a pretty fun little show, set in the time between the prequels and the original Star Wars, but still in the first ten years or so of full Empire. The eponymous Rebels are a little Resistance cell, running around the galaxy in a gimmicked merchant ship, rescuing people and blowing stuff up. There is a Jedi who survived the slaughter, and he’s a pretty fun character.

They have various recurring Imperial antagonists, including a Sith looking for surviving Jedi or untrained Force sensitives. The Rebels even send somebody undercover to an Imperial naval academy. (Remember Biggs Darklighter? Not him, but it’s like that.)

But the protagonist is Aladdin. (Okay, his name is Ezra Bridger, but they even draw him like Aladdin and call him a street rat.) He’s likeable, even if he does look almost exactly like the Disney version of Aladdin and appear in a Disney-made Star Wars show. (Apparently I’m about the five-thousandth person to say he’s Aladdin, too.)


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