Safe Enough for Your Ancestors, Safe Enough for You.

One of the many stupid ideas in modern life is that it’s not safe to climb trees. Or almost worse, that climbing trees freehand is actually more dangerous than free rockclimbing, and that therefore all kids should be equipped with ropes and harnesses and helmets, like they’re climbing Mount Everest instead of a maple next to the house.

Yeah, that is _exactly_ how people descended from treedwellers should be thinking.

Also, squirrels and chipmunks should all be given tiny little helmets and ropes and harnesses.

It is natural for kids to enjoy scrambling around in trees, shinnying up trees, and sitting around in trees. (Not to mention building treehouses.) It’s not natural to have to use exotic, expensive materials to perform activities that were common for humans before we had invented fire and tools.

If you have a disability or you’re going to be climbing 200-300 feet up in the air on some gigantical redwood, fine. If you’re going to be performing activities that require vigorous use of both hands or might cause sudden balance shifts, then Mr. Rope is probably your friend. But if you’re just climbing up a story or two, and you’re planning on paying attention or getting a secure seat and staying there, you won’t need anything but your body.

Sigh. Next thing you know, somebody is going to point out that if you walk, there’s a serious risk of ankle sprains and skinned knees, or horrors, breaking your toe when you stub it! And then, we’ll be forcing all kids to ride in wheelchairs and let their legs atrophy, or making them use special safety gym equipment if they must use their legs.



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2 responses to “Safe Enough for Your Ancestors, Safe Enough for You.

  1. The future from Wall-E….

  2. You forgot the danger of running into walls and doors and things. The solution, obviously, is bubble wrap.

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