Sinus Drainage Massage

Today the barometer is high, which means that air pressure is high. This is not good for those of us with congested sinuses, so I’m not particularly happy with the wonderful weather!

On the bright side, that made it a good day to check out this video on massaging the lymph system in your head. It did seem to help my sinuses drain a little (in conjunction with my meds), but it also seems to have loosened some of my unhappy head muscles. I’m feeling a little more human, in other words. (It did tire my hands, though.)

The massage therapist warns that you shouldn’t use this massage if your lymph nodes are actually swollen, from being sick. You want the bad stuff to stay there. This is when you need drainage.

I’ve also gotten good results in the past from this chiropractor guy’s sinus massage tips.

Most sinus problems are basically something that causes goop (like allergies or not drinking enough water/liquids) combined with the mechanics of having a narrow nose that doesn’t drain goop very well. So all this massage is basically giving the goop a push, which allows more goop to come out. Since your muscles also relax, you feel better.


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