“Never Tell the Government the Truth”

Filling out a questionnaire, a would-be new citizen refuses to lie under oath and is punished with harassment:

“The question was an oath before God saying that he’d never committed a crime whether convicted or not convicted. Some such language. And he said that no one except Jesus could answer that in the negative. Speeding for one thing immediately comes to mind is example of an unconvicted crime.

So he answered it honestly because it was an oath before God, which upped the ante.

Well seems no one has ever answered that question truthfully before! He was sent to a locked-down FBI facility and grilled for two hours by an agent who tried to break him. He said she would build him up one minute and tear him down the next, that he will be deported and never see his American wife again. He eventually hired a lawyer and the government backed down, although apparently the thinking was that he could’ve set a precedent, and that real criminals will answer “yes” on that question and get through.

He had to gather tons of supportive letters saying he should not be deported, including many local priests.

The other chilling thing was his car was broken into while in the locked-down facility. He thinks it was the FBI. (“Ya think!?”)

Unreal. That’s our government in action – a most dangerous entity to put it mildly. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of it, innocent or guilty.”

Sigh. You would think that this could have been cleared up in a few minutes. But nooooo.

Btw, Video Meliora Proboque; Deteriora Sequor has always been an excellent, excellent blog, and it’s got years and years of good stuff for you to read. Follow it. There aren’t many like it, but I’m glad we have this one.


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  1. The car probably wasn’t broken into by the FBI– or at least the stuff that makes him think it was broken into wasn’t by the FBI. Gov’t parking lots are major pickin’s for the lawless– it’s fairly predictable that nobody will be there. Same issue as in extended term parking at airports, but with additional “people aren’t showing up for flights all day” points.

    Any gov’t agency that’s going to break into a car that they KNOW won’t have someone walking up to it will take the time to do it correctly. Good grief, even criminals will do that, if they’ve got the supplies….

    /agree on the “you’d think they’d clear it up” thing.

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