A Cute Cosplay Music Video

Found via Pixy Misa.

The more I think about it, the more I think that all the “fake fan” stupidity is really quite similar to the way many gamers reacted to the large wave of new gamers who played LARPs like Vampire: the Masquerade.

In many cases, the newbies were an entirely different breed of cat. Many gaming groups had a few folks who were more theatrical, just like fandom had plenty of costumers here and there. (The masquerade has been the central feature of most sf cons since the Sixties.) But the old school wasn’t quite sure how to teach them when they came in overwhelming numbers, or how to make them feel welcome, or how not to get crowded out by the newbies. There were similar paradigm shifts at the rise of the Trekkies in organized fandom, or when Star Wars first came out.

So yeah, a few years have passed now; and fandom and gaming have both started to get used to the excesses and quirks of cosplayers showing up en masse. (And vice versa.) Since cosplayers really need conventions and physical presence to enjoy their hobbies to the full, I suspect they will become more and more influential. This is only fair, since they’ve proved to be a big shot in the arm for organized fandom.


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