The Grinches Trying to Destroy Beavercreek

Pretty much all the perpetual protesting at the Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart has not been done by people from the Dayton area or by relatives of the deceased, John Crawford. The same thing is true for the people who trashed Beavercreek’s police station, blocked ambulance traffic, tried to intimidate jurors at the county courthouse in Xenia, and have now moved to the nearby Mall at Fairfield Commons in an attempt to stop mall customers from being able to get around on Christmas Eve.

All this has largely been done by one group, which calls itself the Ohio Student Association. Who are they?

Well, here is their entry on As of 2009, they had assets in excess of 50 MILLION DOLLARS. Their income is somewhere between $100,000 – $500,000 a year, and they don’t bother to do their IRS paperwork.

But they also don’t have an actual office address on file; they last gave the IRS a 2009 address in care of one Marc V. Conte, at an off-campus house near Ohio State. So probably nobody from the organization lives there anymore.

The organization claims in this press release to be a trade union for university students in Ohio, and to have formed in 2012 (So how did they file tax forms in 2009?). However, they don’t seem to do anything at all for university students, except for running a couple tuition hike protests in Spring of 2014. Rather, they seem to spend all their time going to protests for various leftist causes instead of going to classes. Currently they seem to be focusing on black issues, but most of the protesters seem to be white hipsters with BMWs bought by their parents.

Searching for their website was remarkably difficult. News articles appear much more than the organization itself, and a 2012 website appears to have been allowed to die. But finally, I found their website and Facebook addresses — in an article by The Socialist Worker.


So here’s their website, which is colored red for entirely patriotic reasons. They want you to give them a lot of money, so that they can continue to have their dupes skip class and be arrested as a work/study job.

Here’s their Facebook page, where they show their dupes trying to look fierce and obnoxious. In hipster black and white, of course. As usual with this sort of picture, the proportion of black people in the officially staged picture is far in excess of the proportion of actual black people who show up at protests versus rich white kids. (Because most black kids at college want to graduate, not get arrested. Nor do they think they can afford to waste study time driving to other cities every weekend.)

Their website reveals that the Ohio Student Association is actually run not by university students, but by a 501c(3) organization called the Ohio Organizing Collaborative which was formed in 2007. Here’s their website and their Facebook page. Basically it’s a collaboration of labor union money, leftist churches for bodies, and any other useful idiots on hand (like college students who don’t want to go to class).

On the bright side, it doesn’t appear to be wholly owned and operated by the Communists over at ANSWER, which explains why their signs don’t have that mass-produced ANSWER look. (Although they do have that “I look like every other allegedly handpainted banner on a sheet” look, which leads me to believe that there’s a downloadable stencil somewhere for “#BLACKLIVESMATTER.”)

Oddly enough, my brother who listens to NPR and does local politics was totally unaware of the whole “trashing the police station, destroying public art made by little kids, and blocking ambulances” thing. He’s the one who’s going to have to pay for the repairs to the police station with his taxes, and yet he was totally kept unaware.


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