Dear Loving Family

If we are supposed to be keeping mum about certain subjects around certain family members, and said subjects are the obvious conversation topics because they are the family news about myself, please instruct me about this before I make holiday phone calls to other members of the family who live further away.

Seriously, you know perfectly well that your priorities are not my priorities, and I don’t have any clue what you think should be kept secret – especially when it’s something that isn’t any secret as far as I’m concerned.

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for me to handle information security for myself? Isn’t it my own business whom I tell about my own personal joys and sorrows?

If you know this about me (which you just said you did), please brief me if you’ve decided that I should be keeping normal conversation topics a deep dark secret. If you don’t brief me, don’t expect me to read your minds. If I don’t read your minds, there’s no point having a meltdown afterward.

PS. After your meltdown, I decided it was probably better not to tell you that the family member with hearing problems was hearing me perfectly well today.


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One response to “Dear Loving Family

  1. I suppose that’s better than the “everyone knows but nobody will admit they know because they haven’t officially Been Told” dance….

    They yelled at you for telling someone news about yourself? Really? Oy.

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