How to Do a Good Pumpkin Soup

Well, yes, you need chicken broth. And lots of meat and veggies are good. And yes, you need lots of spicy spices unless you’re making a sweet pudding instead of soup.

But you know what really goes well as an ingredient for a pumpkin soup?

Barbecue sauce. A nice sweet, spicy barbecue sauce. It doesn’t change the orange color much, but it makes a BIG difference in flavorfulness.

(Possibly you could just use vinegar and sugar to do something similar, but a tomato barbecue sauce really does seem to make a difference.)



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2 responses to “How to Do a Good Pumpkin Soup

  1. I’d never thought of barbecue sauce before. We’ll have to try it sometime.
    I like using lots of garlic, coconut milk, and spicy peppers (whichever kind you can get). Sort of tropical/Thai, but really good.

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