Movie Musical Marathon on GetTV

If you have one of the syndicated GetTV stations in your area, they’re running movie musicals (well, really “musical reviews”) all day today on New Year’s Eve. They’ve got one on right now from WWII, called Reveille with Beverly (1943). It’s a story about a young woman who works at the local hospital acting as a disc jockey for the wounded soldiers staying there. Ann Miller plays the protagonist and has really nice 40’s hair.

(Yeah, yeah, it must be time for a haircut when I start looking at movies for hair ideas.)

Anyway, it had an awesome filmed version of “Cow Cow Boogie,” among many other videos of musical awesomeness by the original bands. You should watch it!

UPDATE: It’s over now. What a great movie! Kind of a dust in the eyes ending, but in a sweet way. Now they’re starting Castle in the Air, supposedly a UK movie about a haunted castle in Scotland. But the program notes were confused. This is actually the OTHER 1952 movie called Castle in the Air which is a movie musical set in real life on the Columbia Studios lot (and including huge amounts of in-studio jokes about making movies, and the various non-acting jobs on the lot). This same movie is also called Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder. It’s a cute movie, but I usually only catch the end of it.

(And btw, there’s another wartime job – women deejays. All of a sudden after the war, no women deejays, even though everybody acknowledged that men liked women doing the job. You don’t see women deejays again until maybe the 1970’s. Did women in the audience not like the idea of “sexy/sweetheart women deejays” once their men were home? Did the idea of women deejays turn into women as talk show and variety show hosts instead, like Dinah Shore and Ruth Lyons?)


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