Steven Den Beste’s Greatest Folk Hits

Steven Den Beste quotes some of those timeless rhymes and songs one learns at one’s mother’s knee. Be sure to read the comments.

Btw, he quotes this little bit of folksong:

“Mother, may I go out for a swim?”
“Yes, my darling daughter.
Hang your clothes on the hickory limb,
But don’t go near the water.”

There are also some… interesting verses after that.

But there’s a second or associated group of verses, less popular with adults but more known among little kids:

A B C D E F G,
H I J K L-M,
N O P Q R S T,
And that’s the way to spell `em.

U V, Double U, X Y Z,
Let the chorus ring `em,
Come and learn your A B C’s,
For that’s the way to sing `em!

I’m pretty sure these are both parodies of some tamer song, but I don’t know what.


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