Brickmuppet’s Pictures of Kanazawa

Brickmuppet reminded me that he had visited Kanazawa and taken beaucoup pictures. (That’s pronounced “boocoo” here in Ohio.) I don’t remember actually seeing these before (or I may just be having a bad visual memory day), so I thought I’d comment a bit.

– Actually, I have a feeling that train looks a lot like the one on the Rowdy Sumo Wrestler show, at least in the color of that inside-the-car area.

– That train station gate is made of cypress wood??? Holy crud, I was sure from that Detective Conan/Case Closed anime two-parter that it had to be metal. Gosh, maybe I need to dial up the brightness on my computer…. Anyway, the anime said the pillars are supposed to look like taiko drums. So it’s sort of a modern fusion of lots of traditional Japanese shapes. I’m glad it works so beautifully in real life!

– Dude. You are messing with me. Many of your pictures are of the same places, from the same angle, as the anime drew them! I am starting to think that the anime storyboarders used your blog as a source….

– Phew. Now I can see stuff they didn’t, and the castle is obviously post-renovation in the anime episodes. Also, their anime bus is huge. I hope this is not just wish fulfillment.

That is a really neat post, with tons of good pics. Go look at Kanazawa. There are also many other pictures from his epic Japan trip.

Case Closed episode 761: “Kaga Hyakumangoku Mystery Tour: Kanazawa Arc (Part 1)”

Case Closed episode 762: “Kaga Hyakumangoku Mystery Tour: Kaga Hot Springs (Part 2)”

These are links to Crunchyroll, so there will be commercials if you’re not a member.


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