G. K. Chesterton Bio and Recording on BBC 4 Extra!

There’s a show called Great Lives being rerun on BBC 4 Extra. Currently famous people pick a person’s biography to have presented, and then the presenter and the famous person talk about their person who’s their biographical pick.

Apparently the guy who runs the UK satirical magazine Private Eye picked G.K. Chesterton back in 2003. This is surprisingly topical for this week. (So there’s the good Lord’s opinion on the free speech debate, whatever the rest of us may say.)

The BBC show also presents a rather well-restored recording of Chesterton from a talk he gave to the Canadian Press.

Unfortunately, there are some rather rude questions (Asking if Chesterton was a pedophile? Really? Asking if he loved his wife because she was barren? Classy, Beeb.) which are parried in a rather embarrassed and limp way before the Private Eye guy rallies.

There’s also a nice talk about James Hogg, the excellent Scottish poet, folksong writer, and musician who isn’t Burns.


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