Sometimes ISIS Really Does Manage to Go Against the Laws of Islam

Several boys and young men were arrested and threatened with death for the “un-Islamic activity” of pigeon-keeping. Of course this was all a sham pretext for kidnapping the kids and holding them for ransom. Luckily, their families managed to raise the money.

There are no ahadith or Quran verses that forbid pigeon breeding. Pigeons are officially halal. Pigeons are good eating, and even Muhammad wasn’t going to forbid the raising of food and livestock. Actually, there’s a common story that pigeons from Medina do a haj to Mecca every year.

So yeah, the ISIS thugs are bloodthirsty murderous psychos already, but they do occasionally manage to go beyond even the limits of even the weirdest interpretations of Islam.

Pigeons are a popular animal in Middle Eastern countries, and it’s a common hobby to pursue because it doesn’t require much space or money. In Konya, Turkey (ancient Iconium), there’s a hotel that actually provides a sort of boarding kennel for pigeons. The idea is that if you have to travel and don’t have anybody to take care of your pigeons, you bring them over to the “pigeon hotel,” along with an adequate supply of pigeon food. The guy at the hotel takes care of your pigeons. If you’re a member of the local bird organization, it’s free.

In happier news, Christopher Lee Cornell was indicted by the grand jury down in Cincinnati and will go to trial for trying to blow up the US Capitol building. Since he didn’t legally change his name (which would have been easy and cheap for him to do), I see no reason not to refer to him by his legal name.



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3 responses to “Sometimes ISIS Really Does Manage to Go Against the Laws of Islam

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  2. Agreed on the reasoning with the name.

  3. Reblogged this on Aquilon's Eyrie and commented:
    A rather amusing story about ISIS, which also offers some interesting facts about pigeons and doves in Middle Eastern culture.

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