Linguists: The Looky-Lous at Linguistic Car Wrecks

Yes, my children, another emerging idiom.

Journalists have decided that “rose-colored glasses” consists of too many syllables, and hence have mashed it into “starry-eyed.”

Yes, an overly dreamy or overly optimistic person is now “rosy-eyed.”

Google gives over 10,000 results for the phrase. Most aren’t using the phrase in that sense, however. They’re talking about albino horses with pink eyes, or “Rosy eyed that guy.”

But periodic uses of the phrase date back as early as a 1985 Washington Post article, and there have been quite a few recent uses.

Um. Well. I hope those are pink contacts. Because otherwise it’s pinkeye or bloodshot eyes, neither of which are conducive to a sunny mood or looking at anything.


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