A Lot of Dust in My Eyes Today

Somebody sent me a link the other day to a 9 minute Flash animation short about the 26 Martyrs. (Logically titled The 26 Martyrs.)

It’s very nicely done and very moving. Somebody really knows how to draw!

I think maybe I contributed on Indiegogo to an upcoming feature film project by the same guys a long time ago, and the email says this is one of my perks. But honestly I can’t remember for sure! So anyway, somebody sent me the link and it was really good.

The name of the company is Pixel Revolution Films, and the guys making the films are called Ian and Dominic Higgins.

The upcoming live action project, All That Remains, is going to be about the life of Dr. Takashi Nagai and his survival of the atom bomb that hit Nagasaki, so that should be pretty good also. There’s a nice long trailer for it.

If you are wondering about the scene in the trailer with the blind woman, it’s Helen Keller (who really did come visit Nagai).

So yeah, there’s a lot of dust around here, somehow.


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