Missing Police Dog Found

We had some unexpected good news yesterday. A police dog that had been missing for 61 days during this bitter cold was found alive, well, but hungry.

Karson, a Belgian Malinois “K9 cop” working for the city of Wilmington, Ohio, was put in a kennel over the holidays for his first time ever, while his handler traveled. Like a lot of dogs, Karson wasn’t too happy about this. Unlike a lot of dogs, he’d been given a lot of agility and strength training, so he promptly escaped from the kennel.

He might have headed home and found everyone gone, or he might just have been roaming around all this time. Either way, people have been looking for him all over the place, but there have been very few sightings. With the bitter cold we’ve had, a lot of people feared the worst. (Another K9 which was lost about the same time, a Great Dane named Goliath, was found dead a few hundred yards from its home at the end of January.)

But apparently Karson had the sense to den down somewhere during the worst of it, because he was found over in Clinton County on Sunday, in a field next to I-71, after an unusual number of sightings of him over the weekend, and in that area. He apparently never went too far from Wilmington and Xenia during the whole time.

Karson apparently wasn’t totally over his wanderlust, or maybe all these people looking for him made him skittish. When the Wilmington police went over to get him, they had to actually round him up. But when they finally managed to get close enough that he could recognize his handler, the dog ran over to the police’s truck and jumped in.

So he’s a little thirsty, his pads are the worse for wear, and he burned off 14 pounds. (Not much to eat in a winter Ohio countryside, except stuff like mice and trash.) But he’s okay. His handler posted today on Facebook that Karson’s pretty happy to be home and able to sleep soft. There are some good pictures and first-hand accounts of how they got him back.


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