Spring Anime Listing

A first look at the Spring anime season, with a blogger’s personal picks. Mine are somewhat different.

Baby Steps season 2! Yay! This season, Ei-chan spends his New Year/winter school holidays at a tennis training center in Florida. He will experience severe culture shock, use that English class he never thought he’d really need, broaden his life horizons, and get severely challenged as a player. (And for the American anime fan, we get to see how the voice actors meet the challenge of trying to speak English.)

The good news is that the manga artist really has a good handle on how to draw Florida, and has even mastered the art of drawing African-American facial features. (I know that sounds like a low bar, but not in Japan.) So the storyboard folks just have to follow her lead.

I really enjoy seeing the US through the looking glass. One of those weird American things.

And yeah, I really enjoy the whole “nerd playing sports” thing, if you didn’t figure it out from how much I love Yowamushi Pedal and Eyeshield 21 and Baby Steps.

Kekkai Sensen: Many years ago, a breach in reality opened over the city of… no, not Tokyo! New York! It’s been causing people to get powers and superhero-style sf/f to work. But there’s a catch. Nobody can enter or leave the bubble enclosing the city, and that includes the alien monsters trapped there.

Now there’s a chance it’s going away again, but some supers are determined to keep the good times going (Well, it’s good times for them.), while others fight them.

There’s a Wolverine guy, and an Iceman. I don’t know what all else.

Yes! It’s a weird anime tribute to Marvel!


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