How Many Different Color Cones Are in Your Eyes?

This is a nice simple test to see if you distinguish colors like a dichromat, trichromat, or tetrachromat.

Linguist Log’s discussion of the Himba “study” and the dress picture brought up the fact that a small percentage of people have different numbers of cones between one eye and the other. For example, some women are actually color-blind in only one eye.

(Yes, gene distribution can be weird, and this might also be a chimera thing. Or it could be a developmental problem in babies that just doesn’t cause enough problems to be researched. Nobody knows for sure.)



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3 responses to “How Many Different Color Cones Are in Your Eyes?

  1. Hm, I’m not sure what they’re asking us to do– I counted the different “lines” of color I could see, and got 40 something just by counting the different obvious “stripes” of color; there’s only four where there’s not an obvious “line” between the standard sized stripes.

    I know that I can’t see colors as well as my husband– we’ve double-blind tested it with paint swatches, I simply cannot see if three different shades of white are different from the wall, while he can pick it out at a glance.

    It’s a cool idea, but I think the lady should maybe have someone with a five year old gaming rig check things before she starts talking about folks making things up.

    • On my monitor, a lot of the stripes blurred together very nicely. Obviously your monitor is better, or its software provides more color separation. 🙂

      • I’d guess it’s a side-effect of being a gaming rig– there are a lot of tricks to get photorealistic setups, and I fiddle with the gamma a bit to make it pretty.

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