Two Fifteenth Century Cookery Books

There are some fun recipes in here.

One is “Eggs in Lent.” (From back when you abstained from eggs and dairy during Lent.)

It was advantageous for some of your hens to lay fertilized eggs in early spring (but not too early) and have chicks, so that you could have meat or new hens in the late summer/early fall.  But obviously this didn’t always work.

Obviously you had to keep letting chickens lay unfertilized eggs even in Lent, so there were various schemes to preserve them; or sometimes the animals got to eat eggs.

In this case, you blow out the egg contents (white and yolk), and then you refill the eggshell with sugared almond milk that has had almost all the water drained out, until it’s a sort of almond milk “cheese” or almond paste. You color part of the almond milk yellow, to create a “yolk,” and that’s the part you pour into the middle. And that’s how you serve the guests Lenten eggs.

Yes, this does sound a little like Easter candy!


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