Strike Back at the Occult! Play Italian Card Games!

I found a couple of fun apps for Italian card games, using the Italian/French/Spanish deck design that has been twisted into the occult “Tarot” cards. So you can strike a blow against divination by having fun!

Obviously not everybody plays cards in Lent… but hey, it’ll be waiting for you after Lent, too!

(These are Kindle Fire apps, but I’m pretty sure they have other versions for other tablets and phones.)

There are four suits:
Gold coins (which became our red diamonds)
Batons (as in big wooden sticks – they became our clubs)
Swords (which became our spades)
Cups (which became our hearts)

Briscola HD: La Brisca – a fun modern relative of bezique that can be played with a standard US deck (minus some cards) or an Italian 40-card deck. Popular in Italy, Spain, and Puerto Rico.

Scopa is another Italian card game.


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