Star Blazers: Survival Tool

A great essay about Star Blazers on Boston afternoons after school.

We watched it in the early morning before school, but yes, it was that awesome.

From the comments:

You might be surprised to learn that the show was originally supposed to be called Star Force. There was a recorded theme and everything, then re-recorded as Star Blazers. As I recall, Desslok was originally Hissler (too much like Hitler) then Deathler (too much death) and then Desslok. We at Splice is Nice only received 16mm negative which was physically cut to match our edited work prints, so the resolution is not nearly what it could have been today. Yeah the English dubbing is campy. The Wave Motion gun is awesome. I created the sound effect for that, from a degausser and mouth imitation combined…

-Chuck Penn.



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2 responses to “Star Blazers: Survival Tool

  1. It was always a show we looked forward to watching in the afternoons and in the mornings during the summer on WXIX19 in Cincinnati.

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