Apparently International Women Designer Too Feminine, Not Feminist Enough

Japanese designer Chitose Abe succeeds with her small company after years of struggle (mostly using her own apartment or hotel room as a showroom).

This year, she is hired by Nike to design some eye-catching fitness fashion outfits.

Feminists attack her work as evil. How dare she use the color pink! Or pleats! Or swishy fabric!

Since pleats and swingy panels and other forms of “multidimensionality” are Abe’s signature look, this is basically saying that she shouldn’t design sportswear at all.

So yeah, it’s basic mean-girls stuff. It’s not about feminism; it’s about trying to erase Chitose Abe. How dare she sit at the cafeteria table!

I think they’re cute, fun outfits, and they’re the kind of things Flo-Jo would have enjoyed wearing as warmup gear.

The jacket pleats mean you get to feel the wind stream behind you. Guys in Japanese sports material often like to wear their jerseys unzipped, streaming behind them and bringing coolness. This lets girls do the same thing without going topless.

The jacket, sports skirt and leggings also strike me as a practical silhouette for Japan’s monsoon season.

But of course, the point here is mostly that the Japanese think knee-high leggings and a skirt are uniquely attractive and cute. It’s an playful adult, athletic version of the schoolgirl look.

So here’s a short Nike film of dancers wearing the flippy jackets and the rest of the gear.



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2 responses to “Apparently International Women Designer Too Feminine, Not Feminist Enough

  1. Reblogged this on Head Noises and commented:
    I generally can’t stand skirts…but I’m actually looking forward to when this stuff comes down to somewhat sane prices, because they look fun to wear. Definitely more than the “underwear” style stuff. (Sports bra and boy-shorts exercise style. If I could wear THAT, I wouldn’t be exercising.)

  2. I’m waiting for the knock-off (or cheap version) of the skirts to come out. Those look kind of comfortable.

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