That Bujold Post

Since the Curt Jester mentioned my post on the Bujold literary biography thing, and John C. Wright quoted that part of the Curt Jester’s post, I should link to the post so people can find it!

Recent Bujold post here.

My sf/f collection at home goes from Lynn Abbey to Sarah Zettel,* so don’t be telling me that in the genres of imagination, women writers are as scarce as hen’s teeth.**

(* The male alphabetical outliers are, respectively, Bill Adams and Cecil Brooks, and Roger Zelazny. But the literal facts of my alphabetized bookcases work out nicely!)

(** Next to the average pulp sf fan at a pulp con, even someone like myself with several thousand books at home and several thousand more I’ve read is no expert on science fiction or fantasy as a whole. Women pulp sf/f writers, and female Victorian fantasists, are several fields of study all by themselves. So yeah, let’s not be condescending to each other about who’s not fannish enough, but let’s also not make blanket statements that are untrue. Sheesh.)

Other posts I’ve written about Bujold include three Chalion-related posts: Spanish History for Bujold Fans, Beatriz de Bobadilla, and Two Elizabeths from Portugal. Here’s a Cryoburn review.

Most of my other Bujold-related material is online in other places or discussion boards, like my Bujold filks.

This is a pretty random blog. I just write about whatever is interesting me, in lieu of making my friends sit through my latest rant about rice cooker recipes or poetry or Mass, or whatever.

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