A Giant Holy Water Font That You Will Like

At St. Sulpice Church in Paris. The shell was a gift of the Venetian Republic to the king of France, and he gave it to the church.



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3 responses to “A Giant Holy Water Font That You Will Like

  1. Another COOL AND AWESOME thing about that church is it has the amazing 100-rank pipe organ built by the great Aristide Cavaille-Coll in the mid-1800s… it is one place that is on my list of things to see if I ever get to Paris.

    • Yeah, I saw that on the St. Sulpice page, and I think I’ve heard some organ stuff recorded there. Pretty nifty.

      • I have some music also, it is an excellent instrument. Love those 32s.

        I don’t expect the Knights to visit Paris,though they do get to Belgium besides some other unexpected places in the new installments – but if they ever do, they might go there and check it out. Unfortunately we’re a good ways off from a new book, though I hope to have some more short stories soon.

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