Free-Range Kids Persecuted by Weird Adults

The local news station has the story with more details. Basically, the kids were out playing in a park less than a third of a mile from their house. (So we’ll say it’s maybe five blocks away, probably fewer.) A man walking his dog called in the kids for having asked to pet his dog, for having grubby clothes, and for staying in the park for twenty minutes. Police responded. The officer called in, saying he was concerned because a homeless man was watching them. So they grabbed the kids and held them incommunicado in the back of the police car for THREE HOURS. Then they dropped them off at CPS, where they were held until 10:30 PM (when the adults finally deigned to let the parents know where their kids had been abducted by law officers). Finally CPS released the kids at 11 PM, still without giving the kids any dinner.

1. First off, I think it’s pretty suspicious that the family getting persecuted is a Jewish family living in a “liberal” town. I don’t like to throw accusations of anti-Semitism around, but you have to wonder.

2. Given how big the previous news story was, I would expect that every person living in the neighborhood knows who these kids and these parents are, and where they live. (News vans.) So how is it that people are anonymously calling in these anonymous kids as anonymously doing something?

3. There’s been a lot of rain the last few days, so I imagine that the man also got mud on his clothes. Since the kids had been sent out to play after school and before dinner, I imagine they might even have been sent out with their grubbies on.

4. A grown man stalked two kids for twenty minutes, but he’s the good guy here? Seriously?

5. The police officer lied straight out to the kids, telling them he’d give them a ride home. He didn’t.

6. You can’t tell me that police didn’t know who these kids were, and where they lived. If they had really been concerned (by the creepy guy who thinks all kids must remain spotless while playing, or this previously unmentioned homeless man), they would have just given the kids a ride home. (Which was what they told the kids they were going to do.) If they were busybodies, they would have had a chat with Mom or Dad.

7. Starving two kids in the name of their welfare? Not having anybody sit with them, when leaving kids alone in a building (even though the kids were outside) is the “crime” their parents are being persecuted for? Not contacting the parents or letting the kids call a lawyer, even if they were waiting on Children’s Services?

8. And apparently Children’s Services is totally okay with the police illegally imprisoning and starving the kids.


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  1. Which was what they told the kids they were going to do.

    Now THAT is creepy.

    Congratulations, folks, you just taught at least two kids to never believe the cops, and made yet another group of adults part of the “do not get in their car, ever.”

    And apparently Children’s Services is totally okay with the police illegally imprisoning and starving the kids.

    Given the prior history, it was probably at their request.
    Possibly this is all rooted in the last couple of harassment calls the family got– it would be wise if a justice system had some kind of a flag for addresses that have known problems, but that information would have to be pretty generic…..

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