Fr. Roderick of Goes Viral!

Aw, shucks, I knew him when he was just a podcaster. 🙂

Go see all the cool popular culture, science fiction, fantasy, and Catholic evangelism podcast stuff over at SQPN. There are more Catholic video things at Lots of great things for you to check out!

Secrets of Star Wars is his 22 episode sci fi analysis podcast, which also compares and contrasts Star Wars concepts to Catholic religious concepts. It can get pretty deep on both the science fiction and religious sides, but it’s also a lot of fun. He also has lots of similar analysis podcasts for other shows.

And now, a damage control moment.

Honestly, some people on the Internet get petty, pretty quick. It’s already been pointed out that unfortunately, Fr. Roderick has a couple moments in the viral video where he unconsciously says, “Oh my God.” Please bear in mind that English isn’t his native language, and that he obviously doesn’t mean to say anything worse than “Holy cow!” or “Oh my gosh!” It’s pretty obvious it just slips out when his monitoring brain is disengaged, probably because his language brain has heard too many of us native speakers of US English swearing at these emotional moments.

Anyway, he’s a reverent and busy priest who is deeply engaged in bringing people to Christ, so please cut him slack!

Buzzfeed has animated pics, always a good thing. Inquistr. ABC News (US) from Friday.


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  1. Also, adorable accent. 😀

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