Ancient Toilet Paper

Among the trash and treasures of the famous Oxyrhynchus, Egypt papyrus junkpiles, here is one that is simultaneously at the top and bottom.

A fragment of ancient scholia (annotations and explanations) about Homer’s Iliad. Used as toilet paper.

Don’t make assumptions and poo-poo it. P. Oxy. 67.4633 is real.

If you’re curious about which scholia (concerning which part of Homer) met this crappy fate, it was “Scholia Minora on Iliad 2, 277-318 (277-293, 307-318).” It’s over at the Sackler Library in Oxford. Click on the picture and PDF links to study it in detail!

And now that we know white gloves actually hurt papyrus and parchment, think of the joy of handling this piece of history, fece to fece! What a way to become well-letturd!

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