Holier than Cake

Here’s another sad story from the Muslim world about Muslims hassling other Muslims.

Last year in Zile, Turkey, the local mufti went to a party for Mohammed’s birthday (this is an Islamic thing), and the local women students made a book-shaped Qur’an cake. A nice picture was taken of the mufti cutting the beautifully decorated cake. It was reposted this year on social media (probably to talk about what they would do this year).

A brief websearch will reveal that this kind of cake is quite common in the Muslim world. (Particularly in Indonesia.) Sometimes they are open, sometimes closed, and sometimes it’s a regular cake just referring to the Qur’an. People have Qur’an cakes for religious holidays, for the start of kids going to religious school, for school graduation, for finishing reading the whole Qur’an in Arabic, and for important anniversaries of religious teachers. There are also cake toppers showing people studying the Qur’an, and little cake picks with Qur’an facsimiles. Often they don’t actually include Qur’an verses, but the cake decorator strives to create that illusion with elaborate Arabic calligraphy. Instagram is full of #Qurancake.

But in this case, the Muslim version of SJWs exploded with rage. Now there is to be an official investigation of the cake by the national Islamic governing body, the Diyanet.

Another couple of towns put up little Kaaba replicas for the same holiday, and also are getting rage and official investigation. (And not primarily for violating the separation of mosque and state, either, although one of the opposition party guys did criticize that.) The outrage was that people were walking around it, and that supposedly they might be confusing a local replica with the actual Ka’aba in Mecca. Here’s a picture of the Ka’aba replica. It’s part of an entire “replica Mecca,” apparently along the lines of the miniature Holy Land displays in some US towns. Another nearby town did a less elaborate walking trail version. A performance artist protested something (the money spent?) by dressing up like he was going on the actual pilgrimage to Mecca, and was arrested for his pains.

So it’s not been a good week for ordinary pious Islamic people in Turkey. Simple love of their God and their religion gets demonized.

More about the cake: Jihad Watch. A previous fatwa against Qur’an verses on cakes from 2010.

In case anyone non-Christian is curious: Yes, Bible cakes are very common. They are most often made by the pious who do a lot of Bible study.

In other news, Turkish President Erdogan is opening a big Turkish Cultural Center in Maryland. This would be uncontroversial, except that it’s mostly a giant Turkish government-sponsored mosque. Ataturk is rolling over in his grave, no doubt.

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