School Nuns Walk Out in Protest

When the Catholic school they serve decided to play along with the Day of Silence in a way that they felt promoted homosexual behavior, the five Dominican Sisters of Mary at Marin Catholic High School staged a protest of their own. They walked out and stayed out for the rest of the day, as they had warned the school administrators they would do.

Go, sisters!

We don’t have to take this crap.

As those of us who have suffered from it know, bullying isn’t about race, religion, or any other attribute. It’s about proximity to a bully.

It’s also about the bully not being penalized for his or her constant bad behavior, and the victim being constantly discouraged to fight back. Bullying is everywhere and done by members of every kind of demographic, to members of every kind of demographic. Anyone can choose to become a bully, and a lot of children do.

Appropriating bullying for SJW issues is covering up the full extent, and the essentially egalitarian nature, of the problem.

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