Secrets of German-American Cuisine

1. The “weck” in Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck (now just BW3’s or Buffalo Wild Wings) stands for “kummelweck,” a caraway bun that they have up in Buffalo, New York.

Apparently they’re trying to change the nickname to B-Dubs, which is a dumb nickname. They don’t use weck buns or serve beef on weck sandwiches anymore, either, except up in New York. Sigh.

2. The huge pork tenderloin sandwich of doom. Common in Indiana, but you can also find it in most of central and southwestern Ohio.

3. If you can’t get to Columbus, you can still get Schmidt’s at festivals.

(But although their bratwurst is pork, and is properly gray, it is still spiced more like Wisconsin bratwurst than like the mild, mellow Cincinnati and Dayton bratwurst. Also, not puffy enough. Sigh. But better than nothing.)

However, if you get a sausage sample plate, you will feel less disgruntled about the bratwurst not being like the bratwurst at home. Having a panoply of sausages makes you more appreciative of the beauty of the entire concept of sausage.

Also, order a cream puff and you will never feel disgruntled about anything.

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