Also, People Are Getting Really Passive-Aggressive This Year

So the other week, Will Shetterly announces that he’s tired of SJW junk again, and will quit blogging about it and responding to the crazy people. (Bear in mind that he’s really far on the left, btw. But he’s older-school left.)

Someone posts, claiming that she is using an all new handle to do so, because she is afraid of retaliation. From Will Shetterly. And that she really doesn’t mean to hurt him, but he needs to get himself mental help because he says hurtful things. Then this poster also fails to recognize an obvious joke or two, and goes on to imply darkly that Shetterly’s wife is in danger or is about to leave him.

See, now, that’s ridiculous. Sometimes the man’s a jerk, but he’s not one of these mobbing types. And you don’t complain about somebody else being hurtful while trying your best to shove the knife in. (Waaaaay far below the belt, too.)

Sigh. I miss the days of straightforward flame wars. This passive-aggressive stuff is just embarrassing to watch. No honor to it at all.

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One response to “Also, People Are Getting Really Passive-Aggressive This Year

  1. Ah, but if they were open about it, they’d be open to counter-attack.

    Had someone that had a…rather big issue with facts… which was commented on by someone else… wait months to accuse me of being a nasty bully.

    This way, they’re just trying to help, you see…then they can feel holy and martyred while actually indulging in being nasty.

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