The Age of Adaline Is a Brilliant, Fun, Life-Affirming Movie

I really really enjoyed The Age of Adaline. It’s also a really really girly romantic movie, so it’s a good thing I went with a female friend. (Probably a good romantic date movie too… but this is sooooo female-targeted that it’s not funny. Sorry, guys who don’t want to watch a chick flick. Although guys who want to watch Blake Lively looking gorgeous are in luck!)

The concept is that there’s an immortal, ageless woman running around San Francisco, just trying to live life inconspicuously with her dog and her job. But then she meets this cute young guy, sparks fly, and she’s in trouble. But a good kind of trouble. Complications ensue.

Be aware of the following things:

1. The movie has a questionable immortality idea. Well, that’s not surprising, because we don’t have any scientific backing for immortality. Handwave this.

2. At one point, Adaline has an action escape scene which is probably impossible with the given piece of technology. Handwave this. It must be an alternate universe.

3. Do not be afraid that anything really squicky or Lazarus Long-like will happen. But be aware that Adaline doesn’t keep strictly to no-sex-before-marriage. It’s PG, though.

4. There’s a happy ending. This isn’t a downer movie.

5. You will definitely see some scenes and lines you’ve never seen before in a movie! Heh!

Towards the very end, you will probably see the ending coming before it actually happens; but it will be a happy ending! Yay!

Adaline is a roll with teeth, and Blake Lively does a great job with it. Michiel Huisman does a great job portraying a geeky hunk with the nice trick of being persistent and self-confident without being creepy. (Although he also does some sad puppy looks.) Ellen Burstyn and Harrison Ford show why they make the big bucks, and Kathy Baker does some awesome stuff as the wife of Harrison Ford’s character.

All the other actors definitely know what they’re doing, and even tiny roles are allowed to be rounded and intriguing. The dialogue and acting are really fun and interesting, and you can tell that the hairstylists, costumers, and makeup artists had a ball. The people who made this obviously love the cityscape of old San Francisco and the forests of Northern California.

If anybody tells you this isn’t a good movie, they are a bunch of grumpypants. Honestly, this is fun stuff. Go watch it and come out smiling.

Bonus Catholic content: Adaline gets married at Old St. Mary’s in San Francisco, which is a Catholic church. I’m guessing the groom was the Catholic one, though, because we never see Adaline or her daughter doing any other Catholic things.

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