Welcome to the Space Show: Anime Movie for Kids

Amazon Prime has a fair number of kids’ anime and world animation movies from a distribution company called Gkids.

Welcome to the Space Show is a really charming, interesting sf adventure anime that I’ve heard good things about but have never seen. The Amazon Instant Video/Amazon Prime version is dubbed into English, with English subtitles showing automatically.

We start out in a very small, very rural, falling-population Japanese village in summertime. The local schoolkids (all four of them) were supposed to get to go on a school trip, but it fell through. So all four kids, plus a visiting cousin, are going to have “summer camp” up at the village schoolhouse. Almost as soon as they get there, they find a dog who’s been hurt, and they take care of him.

Except he’s not a dog — he’s an alien researcher. And he’s so grateful for their help that he offers them a little school trip to the Moon.

But the story doesn’t end there!

This is one of those movies that just keeps going and going, as more interesting and unexpected things occur and as more of the wonders of the galaxy unfold before the kids (and us). The plot is intricate and the adventure sometimes frightening for kids, but everything ties up nicely and there’s a happy, heroic ending for every main character. (The villains suffer a couple different kinds of movie fates.) Good lessons, too. The animation is gorgeous and the soundtrack is particularly pleasing.

I think you’ll like it.


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