Winter World by C.J. Mills (aka Carla Johnson Mills)

If you’ve been looking for a REALLY GOOD adventure sf book, with lots of likeable characters and a sort of Andre Norton friendly feel, I have found a great book for you! And there are four sequels! She also wrote a Western historical romance novel called Three Rivers under the name Carla J. Mills. (That’s the good news.)

Here’s the basic Winter World story —

Karne wasn’t supposed to inherit rulership of his clan. He wasn’t supposed to become of the best young officers in the Federation Navy, despite his barbarian upbringing. He also wasn’t supposed to survive the same assassination tactics that killed his father and brothers.

Lucky for him, Karne was too stubborn to do what he was supposed to.

And unlucky for his enemies.

The bad news is that Winter World came out in 1988 from Pageant Books, shifted to Ace for the next four sequels until 1992, and never actually came under my eyes the entire time! (When I was at college, going to sf conventions constantly, and generally rolling in books!)

So yeah, this author REALLY NEEDS to write more books, and to put out ebooks.

I’m not on Facebook, so I can’t see her page. But Carla Johnson Mills has a Facebook page and is apparently alive, well, and attending conventions in Texas. So feel free to bug her for me!

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