Secret Gaming Archive of DOOOOM!

AnnArchive has a lot of super-cool stuff from the olden days of BBS, floppy disks, and modems that made shrieky noises.

Also, a sticker book from the UK for the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon show, old mags, and other nifty things.

Take a look!


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3 responses to “Secret Gaming Archive of DOOOOM!

  1. johnfkennedy63

    They also have the various “GRIMTOOTH’S TRAPS”. I thought them the best and still have them in my collections. My favorite “trap” was in Grimtooth’s Fore on pages 48 & 49 called the “Vexatious Vending Machine”. A coin operated vending drink machine that sells a VERY addictive beverage that must be had every hour. I still love some of the illustrations including the Orca Cola machine with legs.

  2. johnfkennedy63

    BTW, I found those Dungeons and Dragons cartoons on DVD a few years ago made them a Family Christmas gift that year. They were the worst. Not one of my to sci-fi geekified sons or daughters could stand them. I thought them great and funny back in the day, but we must have had some low standards.

    • I think the D&D cartoons are still pretty cute, but they are definitely in 80’s kid cartoon mode. Today’s kids are more used to watching anime with an epic storyline and a lot less comic relief, and they’re also used to getting arc stories instead of “problem of the week” episodes. OTOH, it’s hilarious to know that the same writers were playing D&D with Gygax in California, and then writing eps of D&D, GI Joe, and the original My Little Pony.

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